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18 Alternate Names for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s ‘Twins of Evil’ Tour

Rob Zombie / Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie are going to go on the road together on a tour called Twins of Evil. We know this is happening because both artists released joint statements that attempt to recall the literary wizardry of one Mr. Steven Tyler.

“Finally! Why did the most obvious tour take so long to happen? Who knows? Who cares? It’s happening now. If good taste is the chief enemy of great art, then we should be able to fill the Louvre with this fucking tour. Be prepared for something wicked this way a-coming.” — Rob Zombie

“I have sympathy for the Whore of Babylon that gave birth to these twins of evil, and this abomination of a tour. There is no babysitter, and there is no repairing her womb. If Rob Zombie doesn’t fuck you up, than I surely will. Hide all drugs and firearms… I’m coming to town.” — Marilyn Manson

All of which is some delightfully spooktacular PR writing. But, “Twins of Evil”? C’mon guys, you could do better than that. A few suggestions:

• Lol-AHH!-Pa-BOO!-za
• Monsters of Monster Rock
• Revenge of the Mummies
• Boo TV
• The Mystery of the Haunted Ticketmaster Surcharge
• The Greasepaint and Geritol Tour
• Fuck You, Slipknot: The Tour
• Alice Cooper is Turning in His $20k Grave Set Piece
• The Lock Up Your Middle-Aged Women and Children Tour
• The Texas Chain-Wallet Massacre
• The Island of Lost Residuals
• Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
• Three Inches of Blood
• Oh, Hey, Shia LaBeouf is Here!
• Twins of Evil (1995)
• Audience, Who Lives At Home
• The Day the Strip Club In Your Town Will Be Closed
• Gathering of the Juggalos