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Watch the Young Perform ‘Dance With the Ramblers’

The Young

If there’s one thing the Young’s Hans Zimmerman would like you to “latch on to” when listening to his band’s forthcoming Matador debut, Dub Egg, it’s the “frame of mind” the foursome were in when they settled down to record. For five days last summer, the Austin-based crew rented an isolated cabin in Bandera County, Texas, two hours west of San Antonio. “It was hot, it was dusty, we were in a drought,” Zimmerman told Violitionist, for whom his psych-rock outfit recently performed three album cuts, including “Dance With the Ramblers” below. “I feel like it’s a site-specific work.” As it turns out, it’s also a perfect fit for this time of year as well. The aforementioned drought was not of the creative stripe.