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Watch SPIN’s Hangout Fest Beach Party With Yelawolf, Cage the Elephant, and Givers

Yelawolf / Photo by Chad Kamenshine

When we went to the Hangout Fest in Alabama last month, we found sun-dappled beaches, friendly turtles, sexy coeds, thrill rides and truckloads of fried food. And, yeah, there was some bands too. With our pals Chevy, we followed around three of the biggest: and now you can watch the antics unfold on stage and off!

First up, hip-hop’s country-fried hard-rocking storyteller Yelawolf goes back to his home state to dominate the ping-pong table, hang with some bikini’d fans and sweat a whole bunch in the dance tent.

Next, festival monsters Cage the Elephant bury lead singer Matthew Shultz in the sand, dream about being a seagulls and gets some sexxxy airbrushed dolphin tattoos on their lower backs.

Finally, Lafayette, Louisiana, indie-pop troupe Givers clowns around on the ferris wheel, let us in on their intimate pre-show rituals, and talk deeply about being best friends and “soul mates.”

We’re king of the beach!