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Usher Has a Lady Aquarium in New ‘Scream’ Video


For a song all about getting a woman to have sex with you, Usher’s “Scream” video is fairly tame. Though (rather disappointing) lyrics like “get on your back if you wanna scream” pulse over the song’s Eurodance-y backbone, the new clip, helmed by rap vid maestros BBGun, not only has Usher fully clothed throughout, but also plays up the unattainability of the women featured beside him.

Filmed during his quick stint at New York’s Cirque du Soleil-esque Fuerza Bruta show, where the pop star debuted much of Looking 4 Myself, the video’s first third features nothing but Usher himself, tuxed up and on the move. The second half is where things get interesting — the bikini-clad, water-and-glass-bound women of Fuerza‘s stage show, as well as the dancer who comes to tango with Ush, immediately become the objects of “Scream” ‘s primal demands. Nevertheless, by the end, they’re either still stuck in their aquariums or continuing to dodge his (pretty creepy, if he weren’t Usher) advances. So, of course, he turns (or rather, bolts) toward those who will love him regardless: an audience.

“Scream” was the second official single off Usher’s album, after the much-beloved “Climax.” Read our recent Q&A with Ursh, where we discovered his weird love for indie folk.