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Triple Trouble: Azealia Banks, Missy Elliott Join M.I.A.’s ‘Bad Girls’

Live fast. Die young. Leave plenty of (beautiful) remixes. Former Major Lazer half Switch’s brilliantly “bangin’, bangin'” reworking of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” surfaced last week, featuring sharp-tongued verses from Missy Elliott and Rye Rye. Danja, who produced the original single, has given it a party-starting remix of his own, keeping Missy’s fierce verse and raising us one Azealia Banks.

Banks doesn’t take the opportunity lightly, rapping with whiplash-inducing speed, invoking her own “Jumanji” Broadway line and delivering her usual raunchiness. Meanwhile, Danja keeps this “N.A.R.S.” remix, named for the Virginia producer’s label imprint, fairly true to his snaky, bass-heavy original. Well done, once again.

Switch’s remix, Danja’s remix, and a “Leo Justi Remix” will be available digitally as Bad Girls – The Remixes on July 3, as well as in the form of a USB necklace via Maya’s website. In fact, as Maya herself pointed out via Twitter, none other than Beyoncé could be seen wearing one of the necklaces at a British music festival over the weekend. Girls not only run the world, they stick together. Don’t worry — they’re good-bad, not evil.

M.I.A.’s fourth official album is on its way this fall via N.E.E.T./Interscope. Check out what she old us about it here: M.I.A. on Her New Music and New Job: Designing Beer Bottles.