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See Shia LaBeouf, Mischa Barton, and Daniel Radcliffe Slumming it in Indie Rock Videos

Shia LaBeouf, Mischa Barton, and Daniel Radcliffe get their Indie on

Perhaps it was the specter of Johnny Depp continuously hanging with Marilyn Manson lately, but actors are clambering to appear in indie-rock videos at an unsettlling pace. The most gasp-worthy star-sighting in videos this week came Monday with Shia LaBeouf’s appearance in the (La)buff in Sigur Rós’ video for “Fjögur Píanó.” Obviously the Internet had a field day trying to decide whether the very-NSFW nature of the clip, in which Shia and actress Denna Thomsen perform a heartbreaking (and naked) interpretive dance, was gratuitous or not. The director, Israeli filmmaker Alma Mar’el, says the nude scenes weren’t pre-planned. But in light of LaBeouf’s past video work with Marilyn Manson — for the record, LaBeouf has also directed videos for Cage and Kid Cudi — we’re going to venture to call this one definitively (click-baiting) art. What’s more, now the world has been reminded of how upsetting it is to watch Shia LaBeouf cry without his having to commit to another awful Transformers sequel. This one, by the way, is NSFW:

Then, following a bender perhaps brought about by pretty much getting labeled the Antichrist earlier this month, an either hungover or still-drunk Daniel Radcliffe uses Slow Club’s Lucy Needs-directed “Beginners” clip from Tuesday to get his angst out in a Hawaiian-shirted rampage that involves some pretty hardcore air guitar:

And finally, Mischa Barton’s appearance yesterday in Noel Gallagher’s new High Flying Birds video for “Everybody’s on the Run” was a win-win decision: Not only does Barton get to remind the world she (and her underwear) still exists, but 45-year-old Gallagher’s video also gets an energy-boosting injection of O.C.-cool nudity youth, and he got to creepily ogle her skivvies! (Sidenote: like LaBeouf, this isn’t Barton’s first music rodeo, either; she’s also appeared in videos by James Blunt and Enrique Iglesias.) To boot, shout-outs in the video also include those to a couple of prominent skate shoe brands, not to mention Trader Joe’s delicious-yet-very-cheap Dia de los Muertes-themed Dearly Beloved wine: