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Radiohead’s ‘Full Stop’: Full, Listenable Live Version Arrives

Thom Yorke / Photo by Getty Images

After inscrutable fan recordings of a new song called “Full Stop” emerged last week, Radiohead played it again in Chicago on Sunday, and some fans (very excited and chatty fans, you will note) were able to capture it properly. The track is padded with long keyboard notes and is one of the group’s more down-tempo numbers, at least until Phil Selway kicks in with the drums, as Thom Yorke sings lyrics like “You really messed up this time.” When they were done, the singer promised, “Like wine, it will better with age.”

The performance comes after the lyrics and chord changes to the song were sold as part of an eBay auction for over $900, along with other memorabilia discovered by the venue crew after the band’s March 15 date in Glendale, Arizona. While Radiohead have been premiering many new songs on their current U.S. tour (including “Skirting on the Surface,” “Cut a Hole,” and “Identikit”), the group began playing “Full Stop” at the soundcheck for their June 5 show in Cincinnati. And, as is the Radiohead way, there is no word yet on when the songs will see any official release, but at least we have this, via Consequence of Sound and rumors of some sort of project with Jack White: