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Hear Hot Chip’s Tender Prince Cover: ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’

Hot Chip

Earlier this week, London electro-poppers Hot Chip sat down on BBC Radio 1 with host Zane Lowe and chatted about their love for the Beastie Boys and classic hip-hop. Then they burst into a stirring rendition of “Look at Where We Are,” an emotional ballad from the group’s June 12 album In Our Heads. That song is already an impressive ace in the hole for the upcoming record, but the big surprise came at the end, when Hot Chip briefly segued into a wistful, calypso-splashed interpolation of Prince’s Sign “O” the Times landmark “If I Was Your Girlfriend.”

“Look at Where We Are” and the Prince cover can be heard here by fast-forwarding to the 1:19:50 mark. Or a fan has simplified the process by posting the rendition to SoundCloud, which you can check out below while it lasts, along with a video of the band playing dancier In Our Heads single “Night and Day” as part of the same BBC in-studio sessio. The latter is the type of spirited, precise performance that reinforces why Hot Chip should never be underestimated. Still, we assume it goes “Prince > Zapp > Zappa” — right, guys?