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Hear Ben Gibbard’s Death Cabby Cover of Stars’ ‘Set Yourself on Fire’

Ben Gibbard / Photo by Christopher Nelson

Ben Gibbard is giving us the impression that when he isn’t running marathons these days, he’s spending his off time while on tour with his band digging into his Pro Tools archives. Today, he tweet-shared a rough demo he threw together for Stars’ 2007 cover record Do You Trust Your Friends?, of “Set Yourself on Fire,” the title track on the band’s 2004 LP. For an unspecified reason (maybe because he said he recorded it “4 yrs ago,” a year after the record came out?), the track was never finished or included (Friends does, however, feature remixes and covers by Metric, Kevin Drew, and the Stills, among others).

There’s only one thing left to say about this, and it’s that it sounds exactly like what you’d expect a Death Cab for Cutie frontman covering a Stars song to sound like (via TwentyFourBit).