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Death Grips Get All Up In Your Prius in ‘Double Helix’ Clip

The first thing noise-rap trio Death Grips did after they canceled all their tour dates early last month (in order to “complete our next album NO LOVE [sic],” they wrote) was drop a dizzying laundromat adventure in the form of a video treatment for “Hustle Bones”, a week after the announcement. The thing looks like it took about three hours to toss together, so it should come as no surprise that the next cut off their ridiculously excellent major label debut, Money Store to get a self-directed clip, “Double Helix,” which they just posted to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, boasts a similarly low-maintenance (yet equally retina-punching) aesthetic.

“Helix” is less Tron-y than the one for “Fever (Aye Aye)” and certainly a sight less convulsive than that insane “unsticking” wall-o’-.GIFs they let loose back in April, but is still just about a hundred kinds of low-budget brilliance: Try getting anywhere close to the nearest Whole Foods with Stefan Burnett getting all up in your Prius’ rear-view cameras.