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Behold WhoMadeWho’s Satirical ‘The Pitfalls of Modern Man’ Clip

Still from "Pitfalls of Modern Man"

WhoMadeWho’s new two-part video, “The Pitfalls of Modern Man,” isn’t specifically about the European economic crisis, but it’s hard not to read its critique of yuppie ennui as a reflection of the sinking feeling that’s palpable across the Continent.

Set to the strains of the Copenhagen trio’s “Running Man” and “The Sun,” both from their new album Brighter (Kompakt), the video stars WMW’s Tomas Barfod as a stylish executive faced with a mid-life crisis — and facing down a group of disgruntled, gun-toting coworkers. The mübius-like narrative begins with Barfod making a list of things to do before turning 40 — “Get a cool job,” “Marry a fashion designer,” etc. — and goes swiftly downhill from there, evoking an array of workplace satires from Fight Club to Office Space.

Somewhat ironically, the real-life Barfod is the CEO of Tartelet Records, and he’s also a principal in the headphone company AIAIAI, whose sleek, Danish design aesthetic typifies the ultra-modern style lampooned in the video. (A bathtub desk? Really?)

WhoMadeWho’s Brighter is out now on Kompakt.