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Watch Screaming Females Tear Apart a Sheryl Crow Song

Screaming Females

Screaming Females stopped by A.V. Club’s offices recently to participate in their Undercover series, but apparently, they had no intention of playing by the rules. Instead of choosing from the available covers, as is how A.V.’s little game works, they brought their own, by “the only band we can all agree on,” as frontwoman Marissa Paternoster (who, incidentally, made it to No. 77 on SPIN’s 100 Greatest Guitarists list) put it: Sheryl Crow. Watch them positively destroy “If It Makes You Happy,” that breezy 1996 summer mall anthem, which we’re hoping will appear as the B-side for the next Ugly single. Iincidentally, they have been known to cover the track at shows before. Now, then. Ahem, Ms. Crow? You’ve done it for Guns N’ Roses. And now, we await your cover of “Sour Grapes.”