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Watch Homer Nibble Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress on ‘The Simpsons’ Finale

Nothing like dragging it out, eh, Groening? Following the announcement more than a year ago that Lady Gaga would be featured in an episode of The Simpsons, the world finally has proof that it will, in fact, happen, thanks to photos and a video teaser dropped Monday and yesterday by Fox (via EW and Gawker, respectively).

The cameo will anchor, naturally, a self-esteem/anti-bullying centric season finale episode, in which Lisa is “dejected and depressed” and Gaga — along with 18 separate outfits, including, yes, the meat dress — comes to town on a train (no, not Skrill and the gang’s) to cheer her up and remind her that she was born this way. This isn’t Gaga’s first time appearing in a cartoon, having made an unofficial cameo on Family Guy last year, but it will be the first time she lends her voice, the process of which she called “the coolest thing she [had] ever done.” Mind you, she said this before she helped out the Lonely Island when she performed on SNL last May.

Unfortunately for Gaga herself, she’ll still be busy offending Southeast Asia when the episode airs Sunday, May 20 (she’ll be somewhere between Taiwan and the Philippines, where her May 18 and 21 shows will land). That same night, she will probably take home at least one of the 10 Billboard Music Awards she’s up for, in absentia.