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Katy Perry Is Totally Friends With Facebook in ‘Wide Awake’ Lyric Video

Katy Perry's visual name-drop / Photo Courtesy of VEVO

Some lyric videos are insufferably boring. Some are actually pretty awesome. And some want you to know its creator is totally buddies with the CEO of Facebook.

As if to prep fans to sing along during her cloud-princessy performance of the song at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, Katy Perry dropped her “Wide Awake” lyric video over the weekend, in which she fills her Facebook Timeline with career milestones, including (ever-so-coincidentally) that one time she hung out with the recently publicked (and wedded) Mark Zuckerberg. It’s worth noting, though, that the huge life event “Wide Awake” is presumably about, Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand last year, is conspicuously absent from the updates (also missing: Fucked Up singer Damian Abraham’s beef with that G.I. Janey “Part of Me” video). But even Brand says he still loves her as a human being.