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Kanye West and Lil Wayne Want to Sell You Sportswear

Air Yeezy II

Lil Wayne and Kanye West are both out to prove just how dedicated they are to their sartorial pursuits this week. In addition to being involved in a potentially epic showdown between their labels’ artists, Weezy and Yeezy both made grand announcements — about sports apparel.

Weezy’s Trukfit line was announced in December, and the first photos surfaced a month later. Since then, Trukfit hats, skateboards, and tees have been available only at skate shop Zumies; now, HipHopWired reports that the line will get expanded (read: relatively affordable) distribution at Macy’s starting tomorrow.

As for the Air Yeezy II, it’s (obviously) the second pair of Nikes ‘Ye has designed for the company. We learned in January (when he went on another Twitter binge) that the brand will “allow” him “to design 1 pair of sneakers every 2 years.” As Buzzfeed is quick to note, these babies are far more reptilian than the original Air Yeezy. Quoth Nike:

“An obsessive approach to materials results in a luxurious mix of leather, rugged ballistic nylon, and soft nubuck. Concealed but opulent details reference ancient civilizations, including a loop strap with hieroglyphics that spell out ‘YZY.’ Each screw on lace aglet is obelisk shaped, and the anaconda texture is echoed on the eyelets and leather lace toggle that carries the Roman numeral ‘II.'”

You hear that? Anaconda! Obelisk! ‘Ye’s feet raptors shoes will be available a little over a week after Weezy’s line, on June 9. Unlike Trukfit, however, there’s no listed price point yet, which, combined with the fact that they will only be available “at select global retailers in limited numbers,” indicates fans should prepare themselves for some good old-fashioned celebrity line sticker shock. After all, Kanye West is very high-brow.

UPDATE: It’s been announced that a pair of Air Yeezy IIs will gouge $250 out of your savings. As mentioned previously, supplies will be pretty limited, so as the Hollywood Reporter notes, they’re likely to get four times that much on eBay (which is what happened with the first Air Yeezy).