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Hear Psychobuildings’ Brightly Hellish ‘Wonderchamber’

The NYC dance-rockers share a shimmery track about a "cult leader and the dazed followers that do his bidding"

The self-titled debut EP by Peter LaBier and Co. shined like a still-wet painting leaning nonchalantly against a grimy Bushwick studio wall. Thick, tense vocals partnered up with terminally cool darkwave grooves on Psychobuildings’ first release, and the effect was claustrophobic and fun, like the final dance party before everyone drinks the Kool-Aid. But with “Wonderchamber” (which actually is about a cult), each element is fully defined and three-dimensional — every syllable, every note stretched to its full potential, adding an irresistible and disturbing brightness to the “vibrant hell” being described. It’s the second single off the collective’s Hearts EP, out June 26 on WonderSound, but you can hear it here now: