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Hear ‘Ley Lines,’ Dubby Drones Via David Daniell and Tortoise’s Douglas McCombs

David Daniell and Douglas McCombs

Versions, the second album by San Augustin dream-droner David Daniell and Tortoise plucker Douglas McCombs has been a favorite for SPIN office chill-out seshes for a minute now — a two-guitar drift suite featuring a solid 80 minutes of ebowed ripples, post-folk circular spirals, ecstatic-jazz drumming, and space-vaccuum woosh. Hand-plucked from seven hours of heady improv (the same seven hours that made up their debut, Sycamore), Versions turns the guitar inside out, somewhere between Fennesz and Fahey. The 15-minute “Ley Lines” mixes their astro-gloop with some dubby drums that slowly groove and bubble and implode. And if that’s not enough, you can watch the video to the album’s “30265,” wherein floaty little goo balls float and act gooey. Pick this thing up on CD or double vinyl via Thrill Jockey right now.