Hear d’Eon’s Lush, Lovable ‘Now You Do’


The Montreal musician d’Eon describes his forthcoming debut LP, an “oratorio in four movements,” as an appeal to the Archangel Gabriel, but you might detect the influence of another Gabriel as well: Peter Gabriel (who’s going on tour this fall!). The British art-rocker’s chilled yet passionate croon and full-spectrum productions are obvious touchstones for d’Eon’s brand of digital ecstasy, and they’re particularly prevalent in “Now You Do,” a perfect, four-minute slice dream pop that shares M83’s buoyant grace (and maybe their John Hughes fixation as well).

But teenage kicks are just a small part of the equation in d’Eon’s music, whose lyrical themes are informed by ritual, faith, technology and other subjects he pondered during the time spent living in a Himalayan monastery; songs like “Annunciation” and “Virgin Body” alternate with the more worldly “My iPhone Tracks My Every Move” and “I Look into the Internet,” but they’re all ultimately linked by questions of communion and communication.

After several EPs for the Hippos in Tanks label (including a split with fellow Montrealer Grimes) and the free albums Music for Keyboards Vol. I and Vol. II, the new album is d’Eon’s first official long-player. Titled simply LP, it offers a sumptuous mixture of textures and styles, pitting New Age synthesizers and electro-pop hooks against shuddering footwork and drum-and-bass rhythms; it’s lush and easy to love. LP is out June 5 on Hippos in Tanks, check out “Now You Do” here now.



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