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Finding Paris’ Weirdest Strip Club With Waka Flocka Flame

“Foreign Shit” is Waka Flocka Flame’s freestyle over French rapper Booba’s “Repose en Paix,” which is a decade old but which is something like a Euro version of Biggie’s “Warning” — a crucial cut to freestyle over for anyone hoping to pop off in Paris. Waka Flocka wrote and recorded the track in his Palace Vendome hotel room (a session you can read about in our current cover story) in about an hour, then shot the video with the Special Delivery crew on location at the Eiffel Tower, on the River Seine and around the Louvre. We also managed to locate Paris’ weirdest strip club, which featured only two strippers (those in the video) and a clutch of co-eds there to hear the DJ, who seemed to specialize in solely Atlanta hits from 2004-2008. While there, Waka got mobbed, and it’s certain that approximately 300 people in Paris had new Facebook profile pics the next day.

The song also includes the line, “VIP Club/that’s a world bar,” with Waka referencing the spot where he’d partied the night before — at Paris’ fancy VIP Club, where Diddy closed out Paris Fashion Week with a super posh party and every important American musician in town at the time, including Cassie, Swizz, Alicia Keys, Kanye and more. And when he says he’s making it “Purple rain”? That’s a reference to the shade of the 500 euro-note. (At the end of the track, when he shouts out Animal Sounds, that’s the producer sitting next to him in the Audi. He’s like Paris’ DJ Premier.) Let it never be said that Waka’s not curious about the world he lives in, and God forbid you consider him a slacker. He cut two more tracks that night… and made friends for a lifetime.

Waka’s “I Don’t Really Care” video has also arrived!