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Father John Misty Made You a Satanic Pizza in ‘This Is Sally Hatchet’ Video

Satanism is best served by the slice

Joshua Tillman likes blood, as evidenced first in the January release of the Aubrey Plaza-enriched clip for “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,” a cut from the former Fleet Fox’s recently released debut under his newly adorned Father John Misty moniker. Now, with the gory, fairly literal visual for “This Is Sally Hatchet,” suspicions of hemophilia (and a general love of the macabre) have been officially confirmed. Helmed by Grant James (who’s also worked with likeminded weirdo Gogol Bordello), it’s a merry, amputation-friendly jaunt in the poorly-lit back rooms of Purgatory Pizza, which, it seems, serves up its satan-worshipping nightmare pies with fingeroni and bloodracha. And this is just purgatory, mind you — fans should shudder to think what Papa Misty’s visions of pizza in hell resemble. (Also, sidenote: that Sally Hatchet character looks an awful lot like another DGAF lady we know.)