Dude, You Might Like Ke$ha’s Gender-Bending ‘Pretty Lady’

Ke$ha / Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Underestimate Ke$ha all you want, but it’ll be your loss. Fresh off her bizarre Flaming Lips collaboration, the irrevent Nashville party-starter revealed this week her upcoming follow-up to 2010’s wildly playful electro-pop smash Animal will include a collaboration with Iggy Pop. “Pretty Lady,” the most recent unreleased Ke$ha song to surface online, might not be the track that features the Stooges frontman, but his influence can still be felt all over it (via ONTD).

With a driving, festive beat reminiscent of Pop’s classic “Lust for Life,” the clap-happy track celebrates the kind of gender ambiguity that has long been the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame glam-rocker’s particular bag. “Shake that ass, girl,” Ke$ha howls, in between clips of a drag queen proclaiming, “I’m a real woman.” The song’s chorus — “Boy, you’re such a pretty lady” — could become the “Dude Looks Like a Lady” of 2012. Bonus points for the lyric about “perky breast-es-es.”



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