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Amy Winehouse’s Family Selling Singer’s London Home

Photo by Carl Court/AFP/Getty

Amy Winehouse’s northwest London home — the place where she was found dead last July at age 27 — has been put on the market by the late singer’s relatives. Her “period villa,” located in Camden, is valued at £2.7 million (or nearly $4.2 million), which is coincidentally nearly equal to the fortune she left behind. The singer’s family has deemed it “inappropriate” for any of them to live there after the singer’s body was discovered by a bodyguard in one of the bedrooms.

According to reports in the Sun (via the Guardian) and the AP, the family’s spokesperson explained that their decision was made “with great regret. Amy loved that house, but none of the family felt it appropriate that they should live in it. It was not practical to keep it empty while paying for its upkeep. It is a wonderful place and will be a happy family home for someone.” Rumors that it might have been considered as a headquarters for the Winehouse Foundation, the anti-addiction nonprofit set up by Amy’s parents, have been ruled out now.

In a macabre twist, potential buyers and fans can more or less take a tour of the 2,500-square-foot flat on a real estate website. Photos of the three-bedroom home reveal a leopard-print couch and, creepily, beds (in one of which, presumably, she died last July 23, supposedly of excessive alcohol intake). The house features an “integrated sound system, CCTV and magnetically secured front gate, and an impressive master suite with vaulted ceiling.”

“There’s a lot of fans getting in touch about it,” Graham Lock of told the AP, “so we’re trying to weed out the genuine interest from people who are just being nosy.”