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Wilco Try Pay-What-You-Want-If-You’re-Lucky Ticketing for Benefit Show


We’re happy to report that Jeff Tweedy and Wilco are continuing to keep the DIY ethos alive, this time for a little benefit show out in western Massachusetts. The band is playing a 1,000-capacity show at (and to benefit) the idyllic contemporary art museum MASS Moca, but instead of letting scalping sites get the better of fans, like they have so many times, they’re trying a set of new rules.

Hypebot reports that the band’s new strategy will go like this: The first half of the tickets (500) will be auctioned off to the highest bidders, between 10 a.m. (presumably Eastern Time) Friday, April 13 and 10 a.m. next Monday, April 16. Since it’s to benefit the museum, the band doesn’t have to feel bad about encouraging fans to bid high. Then, whoever submitted a bid but didn’t get one of those 500 tickets will be entered into a lottery, from which 500 fans will be selected at random. Those fans will then be able to purchase tickets at the price they bid originally. So, basically, fans can either offer a bunch of money to be sure to get a ticket, or they can offer five bucks and hope they’re chosen in the raffle — if they are, sweet, a $5 Wilco ticket! Here is where you can submit your bid for the benefit show, which takes place on July 31 at MASS Moca in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Wilco have successfully experimented with various business models, having started their own festival at MASS Moca back in 2010 (which, we’re assuming is being replaced for the 2012 season with this benefit instead), struck out with their own label dBpm on last year’s The Whole Love, and have gone into business with various independent retailers for their weird merch collection. And don’t forget, they recently got the presidential recommendation.