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Spotify Now Plays Well With Others

Listen to over 7,000 album reviews with the Spotify Play Button

Long before its U.S. launch, Spotify was hailed as a knight in shining armor, driven by the idea that when it comes to streaming music, easy is even better than free. The new Spotify Play Button, available today and already featured on, makes it dead simple to listen to songs from Spotify’s vast library, free and legally. All without leaving the site you’re currently visiting.

For music bloggers, it’s as simple as grabbing a song or playlist URI from Spotify and embedding the Play Button link. For users who already have Spotify accounts, the resulting window will play the tracks without redirecting them.

“You want to give your fans access to any song, album, or playlist of your choosing and in its entirety, while ensuring people stay glued to your site,” says Gustav Soderstrom, Chief Product Officer at Spotify. “The Spotify Play Button does all of this for free, while making sure artists get paid for every play.”

To see how well it works, just poke around the reviews section right now.