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Relax, Adele Will Release At Least a Single in 2012

Adele / Photo by Getty Images

Adele told everyone post-Grammys that a new album wouldn’t be coming for at least two years, causing mass panic in the record biz (which she has saved) and the tissue biz (because SNL sort of nailed that one).But she also gave an interview via translator to a French radio station this morning, in which she says that the world can expect at least a single in the next year or so. Conflicting messages!

On “Manu dans le 6/9” (that’s “Manu in the Morning,” essentially) on France’s NRJ, Adele was asked a bunch of extra personal questions about sex tapes, lesbian experiences, and what she listens to when she does the deed. “99.9 percent of [the stories posted about me on the Internet] aren’t true,” she said, and speculated that false reports are the result of her dislike of interviews. Then she quieted panicking fans worldwide, saying she’d release at least one new song in 2012 — which, as the BBC points out, is awfully helpful for the rumor going around that she’ll be singing the theme to the upcoming James Bond flick Skyfall.

“Since I write my own songs, I have to take time out to live a little bit,” she said. “There [were] a good two years between my first and second albums, so it will be the same this time.” She also noted that she had no illusions about her next release, saying that “what’s happened with [21] is very rare, anyway,” so she doesn’t feel especially pressured, beyond her own goals, to top it.

Finally, she had to top everything off with a loaded answer: When asked about dream collaborations, she said most of her favorite artists are dead. But hey, apparently she loves Beyoncé! Do we smell an Internet-imploding collaboration in the distant future? For now, she’d prefer if we’d all cut her a break already.