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Listen to Skrillex and Damian Marley’s Boomy ‘Make It Bun Dem’


Dubstep, even in its early U.K. incarnation, has little in common with Jamaican dub other than shared origins in instrumental “dub” remixes. Skrillex, the asymmetrically coiffed prodigy of America’s bass-dropping electronic dance-dance revolution, has now joined forces with dancehall-reggae hybridist Damian Marley, bringing the two similarly named genres a bit closer if only geographically. “Make It Bun Dem,” the fruits of their collaboration, follows Skrillex’s work with everyone from Korn to the surviving members of the Doors, while Marley is coming off an album in Mick Jagger’s all-star group SuperHeavy last year and a 2010 collaborative LP with with Nas. Combining Skrillex’s whooshing electronics with a lilting reggae rhythm and unmistakably dancehall vocal cadences from Marley, not to mention the “Welcome to Jamrock” hitmaker’s omnipresent family legend, the joint track if anything amps up U.S. EDM’s much-discussed “bro” factor. It’s sure to set sun-scorched festival crowds even further aflame, by which we mean, make it bun dem. Are bass drops just the new air horns?