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Lil B’s NYU Debate Series: A Proposal

The universe's purpose, celestial orgasms, etc.

While some lucky punters were gobbling up Jarvis Cocker’s bon mots at Radio City Music Hall, other New Yorkers decided that showing up at NYU’s Eisner & Lubin Auditorium for a “lecture” by Internet-rap visionary Lil B might be a unique way to pass a Tuesday evening. Whatever your opinion of the latter’s musical output or academic credentials, we’re always intrigued when higher-education attempts to interact with hip-hop, a clash of cultures that is ultimately beneficial for everyone — full stop. In order to promote and expand upon this exchange of ideas, we’d like to suggest five future events, upping the ante by proposing that Lil B throw down in a series of high-minded debates. You’re welcome, NYU student-events scamps!

1. Lil B debates the Ghost of Christopher Hitchens: “How Does the Proliferation of Mixtapes and the Sexual Perversions of the Taliban Function as Metaphors for the World’s Collective Spiritual Delusion?”

2. Lil B debates evolutionary biologist and renowned atheist rabble-rouser Richard Dawkins: “Does Ryan Schreiber and/or Clams Casino Really Exist? And Tangentially, Does the Universe Have a Purpose?”

3. Lil B debates conservative/Evangelical Christian performance artist Dinesh D’Souza: “Can Christianity Be Downloaded?”

4. Lil B debates former frontman of ’70s rockers Ugly Rumours Tony Blair: “How Should We Use Our Globalized Power? Search Engine Optimization and the War on Music Blog Terror”

5. Lil B debates kosher-sex expert and former Michael Jackson spiritual adviser Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: “Is Social Media Good for the Soul, or Is There a Celestial Orgasmic Afterparty?”

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