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Jack White’s Balloon Singles Fall to Earth, Land on eBay

Jack White helium balloon single

Jack White may not adhere to the laws of truthiness at all times (cough, sister, cough), but he does have to obey the laws of physics, ergo what goes up must come down and the 1,000 helium balloons he launched containing his latest single “Freedom at 21” have started falling to earth. Surprised citizens of the south have started turning up the biodegradable vessels in places like Huntsville, Alabama. But local news reports and the tracker posted on the Third Man Records site aren’t the only ways to learn about recovered balloons. Because (of course) as Antiquiet points out, some folks have started to put their prizes up for auction on eBay.

The “Freedom at 21” “flexi-disc” vinyl singles, which included postcards and instructions for finders to submit photos of their discovery, weren’t sold by Third Man for profit, but you can get your hands on one if you’re willing to shell out, say, $1,358, the current price one Alabama eBay seller may earn. That cost may be disheartening, but these awesome photos of balloon finders certainly are a good antidote. Kudos to Third Man on their impressive handle on Google’s interactive maps system, too.

The helium balloon stunt follows White’s equally zany “experiment” with Third Man Records’ third birthday party favors, the “world’s first” 3 RPM 12-inch. He also released the nightmare-inducing video for “Sixteen Saltines” last week. White’s solo debut Blunderbuss actually drops (finally) on April 23 via Third Man. Watch the video the label released about the balloon drop: