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Honey, This Video Shrunk the Rapture: Watch ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’

'In the Grace of Your Love' single becomes a miniature religious experience

“Let me hear that song,” Luke Jenner howls over the piano-house dance-rock of “How Deep Is Your Love?,” a standout from the Rapture’s excellent 2011 album, In the Grace of Your Love. The first single from the New York band’s first album in five years now finally has a video (via Noisey), and it’s a weird one: Jenner gets reduced to toy-like proportions, and for some reason a grandmotherly African-American woman spirits him to a church service, where, OK, the joyous mood complements the song’s worshipful catharsis. Either way, at least the clip lets us hear this euphoric, beautifully uncluttered dancefloor stomper one more time.

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