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Hear Death Grips’ Latest Release: An Insane Wall of Gifs!

The noise-rap trio and Creators Project unleash the 'infinite GIF sampler' RETROGRADE

Deliciously grating noise-rap trio Death Grips are just weeks away from releasing their major label debut, The Money Store and the run-up has been intense: the explosive “Lost Boys”, the wubbing nuclear cloud “Blackjack”, the spazzy freak-out “Get Got”, and the scum-flecked headbanger “Fever (Aye Aye)”. Now the band’s latest release, a collabo with the Creator’s Project, is a wall of 109 gifs means to be played all at once in clusterfucky fashion.

Here’s the band talking to the Creator’s Project about this insanity: “There are 109 loops that you can start and stop at will. Depending on the number of loops you trigger and the way you time them, an infinite number of visual/audio combinations are possible… It’s inspired by Mercury being in retrograde right now (until April 4, 2012). The piece is an expression of the infinite/fractal nature of every moment in time. When creating music, we are sticking/unsticking ourselves to endless time snakes — the idea that the smallest/tiniest of moments contains everything in the universe — Progress/becoming UNSTUCK.”

“The piece itself is a musical instrument,” the statement continues. “Our real performances are disassembled, mangled, and thrown back together in a renegade way. We recommend the ‘PLAY ALL’ button. This is exactly how we create our art. It’s dirty, chaotic, and constantly on the brink of catastrophic failure. We encourage others to deconstruct our ideas and this piece in similar ways. We are excited about people creating their own content out of this device. It’s not about the machine itself but the process of exploration.”

Watch this mess at the band’s site. “Play All” unleashes a storm of Merzbowian levels; poking around reveals little treats (our favorite is fifth row down, ninth column over).