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Coachella Sunday Fieldnotes: Eminem’s Lip-Sync, Hologram Humor, Radiohead’s Family Hang

Eminem / Photo by C. Flanigan/FilmMagic

What, you think we went to Coachella just to watch bands? In addition to catching only artists we didn’t see weekend one (read our Friday and Saturday reports), we found enough energy to focus on unsubstantiated gossip, the panoply of fashion don’ts, and all the choice stage banter from Sunday of weekend two. Here’s a complete rundown from the bowels of our notebooks (and you can find Friday’s fieldreport here, and Saturday’s roundup here):

See our best live photos from Coachella’s second weekend here now!

• A short list of Teri Gender Bender’s accomplishments during Le Butcherettes’ second-week set: executing a crusty crabcore solo, belching after singing a tender Spanish ballad, making a bicycle crowd-surf.

• Dear fellas of Coachella, the tummytop-supported T-shirt rollup is not a good look.

• The Egypt 80 rhythm section is tighter than Kaskade’s laptop. Also, we’re still waiting for hologram Fela Kuti to sax-battle his son Seun for final leadership of the band.

• Carrie Brownstein of Wild Flag (and Portlandia): “Man, it’s hot, right? Good day to be a hologram.”

• Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist threatened to bake the audience, set us on the windowsill until we cool, then feed us to the rest of the Hives. WTF, man? I thought we were friends.

• The way people are talking, you’d think This Heat was playing.

• Shouts out to the unfortunate Airplane Boys of Toronto, Canada once again literally trapped between two of Coachella 2012’s biggest breakouts, the Weeknd and Gotye, whose stages flanked the smaller Gobi tent.

• Before their set, Company Flow’s DJ Mr. Len spun records for a few minutes. Nerdiest record in his arsenal for their big California show? Classic West Coast Rap All-Stars get-together-for-a-cause record “We’re All in the Same Gang.”

• Inside scoop from Coachella security #4: the members of Radiohead are all very nice, and they brought their families with them.

• We’re pretty sure Sleigh Bells loaned Justice their towering wall of Marshall Stacks from last year’s Coachella.

• Coachella-exclusive mashup idea for Girl Talk: Kaiser Chiefs vs. Wild Flag, “I Predict a Riot Grrrl Revival.”

• About halfway through At the Drive-In’s set, Cedric Bixler-Zavala referred to Omar Rodriguez-Lopez as “the Puerto Rican Harry Potter.” Play nice, boys.

• How does Dr. Dre keep his sneakers so nice in the desert?

• 50 Cent was wearing a Bulls hat in California. Was he just IRL trolling everyone like he does on Twitter?

• What planet does Eminem live on where he thinks anyone would be fooled by him lip-synching the chorus of “Forgot About D.R.E.” considering his voice hasn’t had that adenoidal twinge since 2003.

• Dude on dude’s shoulders = brostack.