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Would You Rather Buy Lil Wayne’s House or Britney Spears’ Mansions?

Big day for musician real estate: Both Lil Wayne and Britney Spears have mansions on the market. Weezy has listed his Kenner, Louisiana pad near New Orleans for $1.7 million (via Complex); B-Spears, on the other hand, has two mansions for sale, one in Malibu that The Mummy screenwriter Stephen Sommers and his wife bought from her in 2007 and are now selling for $13.5 million, and the Beverly Hills pad she bought after selling the Malibu house, which is going for a paltry $3 million (via RadarOnline). So, naturally, we had to ask that big question: which would you rather? Some pros and cons to consider:

Lil Wayne’s Kenner, LA, Mansion
Pros: Living in Weezy’s house. Instant access to New Orleans/Mardi Gras festivities. Also, listed at $1.7 million, it’s relatively cheap for a five-bed, five-bath “celebrity mansion” that also includes a four-car garage, pool house, home theatre, and a salon (via
Cons: Dealing with Louisiana heat. Living by an airport. And finally, having to hire a gardener: Weezy just received his third citation in five years for failing to maintain the mansion’s lawn, which has been overgrown with “high grass and weeds.”

Britney Spears’ Mansions
Pros: While the 1.5-acre Malibu place might be a bit pricy at $13.5 million, the Beverly Hills house comes at a serious steal — $2.99 million, the gated community pad’s current asking price, is less than 40 percent of what Brit herself paid for it in 2007, $6.75 mil (via RadarOnline). Other pros: playing make-believe you are Brit and K-Fed at their best. Being greatly preferred to Brit and K-Fed (probably) as neighbors. Living in a piece of “history.”
Cons: Nightmares about the three-year meltdown period BritBrit suffered from 2006 to 2008, including that final police standoff Brit had at the Beverly Hills place in 2008 before getting carted off and admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Actually sleeping in a former Spears-Federline abode.