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See Katy Perry Go G.I. Jane in ‘Part of Me’ Video

Katy Perry

“Semper fidelis,” the U.S. Marine Corps’ slogan, takes on an an ironic shade of meaning in the military-themed new video for Katy Perry’s latest single, “Part of Me” (from aptly titled March 26 deluxe reissue Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection). The Latin means “always faithful,” and Perry’s lover in the clip — who, as it happens, looks more like Chris Martin than real-life ex Russell Brand — decidedly isn’t. As singles from Perry’s chart-dominating 2010 album Teenage Dream go, her latest uptempo electro-popper isn’t as frothily exuberant as, say, “California Gurls,” but in the weeks since its debut the recent pop No. 1 has established itself as a fine successor to alone-but-strong classics like “I Will Survive.”

Perry makes that strength literal in director Ben Mor’s (Nas, Black Eyed Peas) sharply polished video: She goes through boot camp, joined by a cast of actual Marines. If you cheat, the message appears to be, you’ll meet an army of Perry. Or a Marine Corps battalion, to be more specific. (Where’s the Rihanna Navy when you need them?) The few, the proud, the soon-to-be-seen-in-3D.