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Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’: What’s Inside the 25th Anniversary Editions

Paul Simon - Luise Gubb/

As part of the year-long celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s iconic album Graceland, Legacy Recordings has detailed the contents of its various fancypants reissue editions (via CoS). The options, most of which arrive June 5 via Legacy Recordings, come with elaborate packaging you can see here. Here’s what’s inside those pretty wrappers:

  • Graceland 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition Box Set ($94.99): A 2-CD, 2-DVD set that includes Simon’s documentary Under African Skies (a preview for which can be watched below — Oprah’s in there!), live footage from his 1987 Zimbabwe and SNL performances, the audio track of Simon telling “the story of Graceland,” posters, a deluxe book that includes unreleased photos, fresh liner notes, and a replica of Simon’s handwritten lyrics pad, all wrapped up in “fine linen.”
  • Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD ($15.99): A far simpler CD/DVD combo that features the remastered album, five bonus tracks, the Under African Skies doc, the deluxe book, and the new liner notes.
  • Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl ($24.99): For audiophiles, there’s the 180-gram 12-inch vinyl version of the remastered album that’s being released, with a ton of other cool stuff, on Record Store Day, April 21.
  • Graceland 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition Box Set Bundle ($249.99): All of the above box set items, the 180-gram vinyl, and a commemorative poster signed by Simon. This all comes in “fine linen,” as well.
  • Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition CD ($9.99): The original album, five bonus tracks, and the “story of Graceland” for a pretty nice price.

Nobody needs a reminder of just how much influence Simon’s sixth album has exerted on the music world since its release, but as a quick refresher, its blend of African beats (primarily the genres called mbaqanga and isicathamiya) and American folk has blown many, many minds. Simon put out his eleventh studio album, So Beautiful or So What, last April, via Starbucks’ label Hear Music.