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Mick Jones Wants to Loan You His Clash Memorabilia

Some of Mick Jones' rock stuff/Photo via Subway Gallery

Mick Jones likes show and tell. The Clash guitarist has gathered up a bunch of his band’s nicknacks and put them on display in west London, where he hopes to turn the exhibition into an expanded, permanent rock’n’roll public lending library.

Jones’ stuff — including vintage issues of Creem, notes written by members of the Clash, fanzines, and the group’s onstage clothing — went on display today at the Subway Gallery, in the Joe Strummer Subway, where the late musician busked in the ’70s. Jones has titled the exhibition “The Rock and Roll Public Library,” likely in the hopes that it would turn into a permanent attraction. By the looks of how many goodies are on display, Jones is probably relieved to have finally decluttered his flat.

“We are looking for a permanent place to have a lending library, which would be our ultimate goal,” Jones told Ham & High (via Spinner). “With so many libraries closing at the moment, it would be great to open a totally new sort of library which can be used as a real educational resource to show the history of our time… [This collection] has grown into a cultural and social history.”

We’re not sure how checking out a handwritten note from the Mick Jones Rock N’ Roll Library wouldn’t immediately turn into a handwritten note up for auction on eBay, but the idea of a museum, now that could probably work. For now, Jones’ exhibit is open six days a week and is free to the public, so unlike some people (cough Alan McGee cough), he’s decidedly not trying to make an extra buck off his old tchotchkes.