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Micah Lidberg Brings the Weird to Lacoste

Lidberg Lacoste

Micah Lidberg just might be the first designer to debut a collection at New York Fashion Week that features dinosaurs ripping into the flesh of lifeless prey. But when Lacoste L!VE invited the Missouri-bred illustrator to bring his whimsical, storybook style to the brand, they knew what they were getting into. Lidberg, whose work has appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Nylon, is known for images full of flowing movements, bright color, strange critters and occasional violence. “I designed the tag last,” he says. “It was almost like signing a painting.” The pieces won’t be available until June, but Lidberg gave SPIN a preview at the picturesque Lacoste Lounge during fashion week earlier this month (see above for a peek!).