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Madonna Humps Floor, Walls, Ukrainian Dancers in ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video

And yet her second clip from 'MDNA' is a fairly restrained affair

There are two types of 21st-century Madonna videos — clips with elaborate staging that showcase her incredible dancing, and clips without elaborate staging that showcase her incredible dancing. “Girl Gone Wild,” which premiered on E!, falls into the latter category. Its closest relatives are “Give It to Me,” the Hard Candy cut that featured the Queen of Pop grooving on simple backgrounds, and “Celebration,” off her most recent hits record, though the blogosphere has been caught up in references to Madge’s most famous clips. There are allusions to “Erotica,” “Vogue,” and “Like a Prayer” tucked in the second video off her March disc MDNA, but if everyone else is pilfering her back catalog, Madonna has a right to reminisce a little.

Madonna sings about a lady on the loose, but her choreography is, as usual, extremely precise in the video, which features muscular, sweaty Ukrainian dance group Kazaky strutting around in heels. Hiring international dancers known for very specific movements has become a hallmark for the singer — her “4 Minutes” and “Hung Up” videos starred Japanese duo Hamutsun Serve — and could provide a few clues as to what’s in store on her massive international tour, since permutations of her video choreography have been known to show up onstage. With that in mind, we may have some floor-humping in our near future. And wall-humping. And fellow dancer-humping. You see where this is going.