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Looking for SPIN’s RSS Feeds? Step This Way…

If you are an old-school reader who enjoys our daily online content via RSS feed, chances are you are staring at this post right now saying, “Um, where did everything go?” Our former “Daily Noise” RSS feed is now giving you content from our new network of blogs, which includes Geek Show (tech, a.k.a. the blog you are reading right now), Wide Angle (film and TV), Rack City (style), plus four blogs devoted to specific genres (dance, metal, pop, and hip-hop). Our daily news blog and SPIN Mix, your one-stop shop for all of the day’s fresh songs and videos, however, are no longer spitting posts into that feed. And chances are you want that stuff, too!

So how do you bring daily SPIN back into your life and subscribe to feeds for our reviews, interviews, photos, and videos? Right here at our RSS page. For more information on our re-invented website and new-format magazine, read our Creative Director’s Welcome to SPIN’s New World.