Justin Bieber’s Phone Pranks Turn Two Texans Against Beliebers

Justin Bieber / Photo by Ray Mickshaw/FOX via Getty

If Justin Bieber’s new “Boyfriend” single didn’t rile you up like it was supposed to, perhaps thousands of wrong-number phone calls a day courtesy of the Biebs’ little Twitter prank might send you over the edge. It certainly did so for two Texans, who are suing the all-grown-up popstar for the trouble he’s caused them.

According to TMZ’s report, Bieber tweet-invited his followers earlier this month to call him — but only left 9 of 10 digits of a phone number. As a reminder, the kid has 19 million Twitter followers. Nineteen million. It would be a conservative estimate to guess that 75 percent of those 19 million followers are minors, and thus have plenty of time (and enthusiasm) to dial the ten possible numbers the one Bieber tweeted could have been. The owners of two of those numbers were a poor woman named Dilcie Fleming and a poor man named Kent, whose lawyers say their clients have been at the mercy of more than 1,000 Beliebers, who have been calling them at all hours of the day and night demanding, no doubt, to have Bieber as their “Boyfriend.”

The best part: the pair don’t just want financial compensation — Ms. Fleming’s grandchildren want concert tickets, and Kent wants Bieber to endorse his “upcoming online project” (we just hope it’s not porn). Oh, and of course, an apology. When the demands are translated into legal speak, we’re pretty sure they read, “Dance, pop-star monkey, dance.”


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