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Hear Marilyn Manson’s Suitably Creepy ‘No Reflection’

'You don't know what I'm gonna do to you'

The march toward Marilyn Manson’s upcoming eighth album, the shock rocker’s first since leaving Interscope (like Limp Bizkit!) continues to be heavily booted and vaguely sadistic. Ahead of the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar’s upcoming spring tour, we’ve already seen the S&M-themed, Shia LaBeouf-directed video for “Born Villain,” in which the former music scribe born Brian Warner murderously reminds us why people ridiculously consider him scarier than, y’know, actual murderers. Now KROQ has premiered the metallic rocker “No Reflection,” which continues the sexually violent theme in a more streamlined, radio-friendly package. “You don’t know what I’m gonna do to you,” Manson groans a whole bunch of times. And we really don’t! Long gone are those innocent, pre-millennial days when an artist could offend merely by desiring to “fuck you like an animal.” Shock’n y’all: