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Hear Dirty Projectors’ Slick ‘Gun Has No Trigger’

Dirty Projectors

Dave Longstreth’s gang of pop experimentalists have mercifully returned! Dirty Projectors quietly dropped presumably the first single off their forthcoming record today. “Gun Has No Trigger” has a frustrating title, but it’s a sonic breath of fresh air — Longstreth’s yelp builds to a frothy climax over a mellow boom-bap as the group’s ladies croon gooey “oohs.” The band’s first LP since 2009’s Bitte Orca (if you don’t count their 2010 Björk collab, Mount Wittenberg Orca) is due sometime this year via Domino, we’ve been told by the Projectors themselves, but no official title or release date has been set yet. Check out “Gun Has No Trigger” below and at the band’s currently very cryptic website, and read SPIN’s interview with Longstreth from last October, in which he shares details on making the new record, which he says is “much less about color and arrangements,” in addition to the revelations of living in a creepy old house full of dead mice.

UPDATE: According to a statement from the band, “Gun Has No Trigger” is indeed from upcoming album Swing Lo Magellan, due July 10. Dirty Projectors will play a show at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell on the day of release, and the track list can be found below.

Swing Lo Magellan Track List:

  1. “Offspring Are Blank”
  2. “About to Die”
  3. “Gun Has No Trigger”
  4. “Swing Lo Magellan”
  5. “Just From Chevron”
  6. “Dance For You”
  7. “Maybe That Was It”
  8. “Impregnable Question”
  9. “See What She Seeing”
  10. “The Socialites”
  11. “Unto Caesar”
  12. “Irresponsible Tune”