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Fake Hoobastank Accidentally Verified on Twitter, Are Funnier Than Real Hoobastank

The world has unwittingly received a glimpse of an alternate reality where ’00s rockers Hoobastank are social media geniuses. Imposters pretending to be ‘Stank created an account that was accidentally verified by Twitter recently. Apparently this is not the first time the microblogging service has incorrectly identified the veracity of an account, but the Fake Hoobastank was pretty brilliant.

A real (and vastly more boring) Hoobastank account is now properly noted, but BuzzFeed caught the deranged impostor account’s verified status before Twitter realized their error. While we mourn having to return to the reality wherein Hoobastank are still boring ol’ Hoobastank (according to their real Twitter account, they recorded something in January “because they can,” though whether that’ll be released remains unknown), enjoy a few choice cuts from the fake @hoobastank_band’s feed. If Hoobastank were actually this entertaining, they’d have a seriously good chance of making a comeback.

And finally…