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Download ‘DIY2K’ From Pujol’s Debut Album

Pujol / Photo by Jonathon Kingsbury

On “DIY2K,” the nicely peevish first single from Pujol’s adrenalized full-length debut, United States of Being, band mastermind Daniel Pujol howls, “America, you know better / I know we can get it together.” It’s a hopeful sentiment sung with an ambivalent sneer, and equally apt for slam-dancing by glass half-full or half-empty types. “The record is about human relationships,” explains the Nashville-based garage-rock phenom. “The songs are grounded in the space between people. It’s a pretty interesting place to be. There are a lot of possibilities. The songs celebrate that inclusiveness.”

Also inclusive: the song’s (and album’s) surplus of hooks and snotty energy. Get on board June 5, when United States of Being comes out courtesy of Saddle Creek records. And get your own copy of “DIY2K” here from your pals at SPIN: