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Don’t Worry, U.S. Spotify Users, Unlimited Free Listening Will Continue (For Now)


When Spotify made its stateside debut in July 2011, most of us were too deep in “Oooh, prettyyyyyy” mode to notice, but its creators quietly told U.S. users that they would have six months of unlimited free listening, at which point a song limit would be put into effect. When that six-month mark rolled around in January, no one seemed to notice, but unlimited free listening didn’t stop. Now, nine months in, Spotify has gotten around to telling users in a blog post that due to the service’s ridiculously successful American run so far, they’d be “extending the honeymoon” — which, of course, translates to, “Surprise, America! No crappy song limits for you cheapskates just yet” (via Billboard).

Just how long this whole free (ad-supported) listening thing will last is still ambiguous (Spotify didn’t make it clear) but freeloaders are safe to keep Obama’s playlist on repeat, for now. In case you hadn’t heard, the service also recently launched a whole slew of new apps that range from label guides like Domino Records’ app to educational platforms like Classify.