Watch Lana Del Rey Improve on ‘Kimmel’

The world of late-night musical guests is oft a mixed bag, and yesterday’s lineup was predictably unpredictable. Following her surprisingly pretty good appearance on Letterman earlier this month, Lana Del Rey appeared on Kimmel this time, again with “Video Games.” We’re pretty impressed with how quickly she’s developed her stage presence, after such a rocky live start, though we still wouldn’t mind if she stopped fiddling with her hair sometime soon. Watch via A Heart is a Spade, while reading Deconstructing Lana Del Rey and our review of Born to Die.

Then, fresh off snagging two Grammys for “Barton Hollow,” country folk duo the Civil Wars hit Leno to play, interestingly, not the song for which they got an award. Watch the Wars dance around on a tiny platform while playing “Birds of a Feather,” via the Audio Perv.

An uncomfortable-looking Wale hit Conan with his most recent single “Lotus Flower Bomb,” off last year’s Ambition, and while his and featured vocalist Miguel’s performances were totally fine (the line, “This is not no Sandra Bull” is hilarious), we couldn’t help wondering whether the pair looked a bit thrown off by the lack of screaming fans right at their feet. Conan seemed pretty stoked on the song, though. Watch below, via

Finally, in perhaps the weirdest appearance on television last night, your favorite Brit rockers from 2005 Kasabian hit Letterman to promote last year’s Velociraptor!, but also to remind people that they’re still, you know, a band, and not, you know, a less-good Arctic Monkeys prototype. Besides, it’s not like the Letterman audience knew what Dave was talking about when he said, “Welcome back to the program,” so for all they know, these guys are the next big thing. (Frankly, if we hadn’t heard these guys on every video game commercial ever, we’d have just taken them for Oasis-slash-Muse rip-offs, too.) Watch below, via the Audio Perv. Also, lol, did you know they recently covered Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” on the BBC?)


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