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Tyler, the Creator Is a Centaur in Odd Future’s ‘Rella’ Video

Stupid, outrageous, and undeniably entertaining: Yup, it’s a new Odd Future video. The Tyler, the Creator-directed clip for “Rella,” a squelchy electro-rap posse cut from the L.A. hip-hop crew’s upcoming The OF Tape Vol. 2 (due on March 20), features Tyler as a cocaine-snorting centaur, Hodgy Beats as a booty-savoring Robocop who smashes through walls like the Kool-Aid man and shoots projectile spooge out of his crotch (which also fires lasers that turn girls into pusscats), and a sunglasses-wearing Domo Genesis who smacks smiling women (thus changing their ethnicity, obvs.!) and steals ice cream cones from ginger kids. From Hodgy’s opening “electronic press kit” reference to Tyer’s cartoonishly detailed sexual anecdote, it’s like the sound of three extremely media-savvy penises talking, with the visuals to match — so of course there’s a Kanye West shout-out. No sign of Willow Smith or Earl Sweatshirt, though.