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Surprise! Courtney Love Is Not Fit to Own Pets


Believe it or not, Courtney Love isn’t that great at taking care of pets.

In an ebook published on Tuesday, the editor of addiction website the Fix has revealed details from the deposition papers that the Hole singer’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, filed in 2009. One of the more shocking claims: that Love was responsible for the deaths of the family’s cat and dog. The dog allegedly died after eating a bunch of Love’s pills and the former “after getting entangled in piles of Etsy fabrics, boxes of paperwork, trash and other possessions.”

Though Love herself has kicked her heroin and crack habits, Cobain also said in the deposition that “she basically exists now on.. .Xanax, Adderall, Sonata and Abilify, sugar and cigarettes.” She added that Love has started at least three fires by falling asleep with a lit cigarette in hand. That would explain the blaze in Love’s West Village bedroom last June.

A judge granted Frances Bean a restraining order against her mother — and the papers indicate she also requested her dubiously named dog, Uncle Fester, be included in the order, along with her grandmother and aunt.

The ebook, Courtney Comes Clean: The High Life and Dark Depths of Music’s Most Controversial Icon, comes from a year’s worth of interviews with Love and the people in her life, including “employees, friends, attorneys, and even her media-shy mother, Linda Carroll,” all surrounding her storied history of drug addiction. In addition to the details of the restraining order, the 60-page digital tome shares details about — among other things — Love’s baffling knack for calculus while she was hopped up on crack, how Winona Ryder and Andy Dick allegedly fed her pills at Pam Anderson’s Comedy Central Roast, and how she had coke delivered while living at Dr. Phil’s house in Beverly Hills.