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The Rapture Debut Laser-Lit ‘In the Grace of Your Love’ Video

Bittersweet dance-rock title track from the Rapture's 2011 comeback album gets an appropriately graceful video

Somebody get Harold Camping on the line. The Rapture is here, in video form. On the sleekly funky title track off the New York dance-rockers’ 2011 album In the Grace of Your Love, frontman Luke Jenner, electronics whiz Gabriel Andruzzi, and drummer Vitto Roccoforte sounded their most at home with their full-circle return from fashionable DFA upstarts to grizzled veterans tested by life’s challenges, staring down 40, and… once again signed to DFA.

The video for the track (via Pitchfork) is appropriately graceful, with lasers, washes of pink light, and plenty of trippy visual effects to go with reverent performance footage and spirit-possessed dance moves. Watch it at Dream the End, and then be sure to check out last year’s SPIN story on “The Rapture’s Second Coming.”