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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Unsurprisingly Has Different Theory About Why Star Died

[Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty]

After being convicted of and subsequently sentenced to four years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson last November, and after all the other ludicrous garbage this man has said to keep himself out of jail, somehow, we still have yet to hear the last of Conrad Murray. Now, the good doctor is providing yet another reason why his medications did not cause the King of Pop’s death: instead, his lawyers have claimed in papers filed (and obtained by TMZ) in an attempt to overturn the conviction, it was money woes.

The documents Murray’s lawyers submitted essentially claim that Jackson was stressed by his inability to control his finances, having been $440 million in debt and facing “a contractual commitment” with London’s O2 Arena for his run of This Is It shows. Apparently, this coupled with being “on the verge of losing his entire estate to foreclosure” was enough to result in poor judgment — a stress-induced recklessness that led to his taking the fatal dose of Propofol. The judge, lawyers are arguing, erroneously excluded this evidence.

It was Jackson’s bad judgment, and not, you know, the drugs that were injected into his body by a fatally irresponsible doctor, one who claimed he and Jackson were best friends and then laid irrelevant, embarrassing personal details (like that his house was a mess, and that he had a bladder control problem, for starters) on the block for all to see. We’re just hoping this is the last insane claim Murray has in his head full of magical ideas.