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JEFF the Brotherhood’s Tiny NYC Show, By the Numbers


Last night, Nashville garage-rock shredders JEFF the Brotherhood tore through a quick set at Williamsburg, Brooklyn DIY space Death by Audio as a warm-up before opening for the Kills on Saturday at NYC’s 3,000-person capacity Terminal 5. DBA’s cap is supposedly 110, but there was probably that many people smoking heaters in the back room when we arrived. The guitar and drums duo, who are indeed actually brothers, sounded massive and right at home playing the intimate, rowdy gig — even under precariously hanging ceiling tiles.

(Photo: Jennifer Edmondson)

SPIN kept busy dodging PBR cans while the band switched between Ramones whoa-oh choruses and Weezer-esque licks. Here’s the night by the numbers.

Number of times frontman Jake Orral spoke: 3

People having conversations comparing the duo to the Black Keys: 2

Number of eardrums the guy sitting in front of the massive speaker onstage must have blown out: 1

Easily found fire exits in the over-capacity venue: 0

Dudes with long hair not utilizing luxurious locks to headbang: 7

Songs Jake Orral played on top of a speaker so those farther than three feet from the stage could see the mustachioed guitarist: 1

Number of dudes not taking off Carhartt stocking caps even though it was a million degrees inside: 4

Opening bands denied entrance to the country at the Canadian border: 1 (catch you next time, Uncle Bad Touch!)

Women celebrating bachelorette parties for green card marriages, asking us to buy them drinks: 1

Small moshpits that faded into faint pushing: 3

Roommates who will most certainly have a black eye today from getting popped in the face by underage kids with X’s on their hands moshing: 1 (put some ice on it buddy)